Bre Pea is for all those out there who like to do it themselves. Whether “it” may be…

  • a house project
  • a gift
  • a meal
  • a blog
  • a budget…
I want to help you do “it” yourself. Because I am a fellow, stubborn DIYer 🙂

I like to consider myself a chill, down to earth kind of gal. I don’t take myself too seriously, if you’ve ever seen one of my vlogs this is pretty evident. But enough about me. Why in the heck does this blog exist and why in the world am I so happy you’re here?


The Blog (why you’re here):

  • est. December 2010
  • began as a personal online journal to keep track of home projects
  • morphed into a mommy/creative lifestyle blog with the arrival of Bean
  • currently a home for me to share my parenting experiences and DIY/craft projects
  • a place full of colorful photos and happy adventures

The Bre (me):

  • minnesotan through and through
  • die-hard creator ever involved in a new project
  • mommy by day/dance teacher by night at the family dance studio
  • talks like a hippy
  • slight case of self-diagnosed ADD (hence the bullet-pointed lists)

The Bean (my kid):

The Details (where you can find me):

email me at brepeablog(at)gmail(dot)com
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16 thoughts on “About”

  1. You and your little gal are adorable. I have been joining The GFC Collective and The Bloglovin' Collective as much as I can. Thank you for the wonderful way to connect with other bloggers. Maybe you could reiterate about returning the favor and following. I'm following many and no one is following me. Appreciate your assistance. You're the best!!!



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