A Weekend Getaway

As anyone who has ever been a new parent knows, time to relax and recharge the mommy and daddy batteries is so important and so appreciated. This weekend the hubs and myself were able to take a few days to ourselves and head up north thanks to a super awesome Christmas gift from my parents- cash and a coupon for free babysitting for the weekend! Of course we chose to visit Duluth, one of our absolute favorite places to get away that’s within driving distance.

The Scenic Route

One of the ways we like to add a little adventure to our mini vacations is by doing a little research and taking a chance by staying in a “hidden gem” of a hotel. On the last trip we took up here (yes, I’m still blissfully enjoying my vaca as I write this) we stayed at a little place called the Allyndale Motel. We absolutely LOVED it and decided that the next time we came up we would stay again. So here we are!

The staff is so friendly, the room we stayed in is very spacious and has a great view, and for what we would normally pay for just one night in any other hotel in Duluth we got to stay for 2 nights. I also like the vintage charm it has, just look at this adorable sign as you pull up the drive…
The afternoon of our first day was filled with a little lunch, a little thrift store and antique shopping, and a movie. Funny story- as we were browsing the antique store to kill time before our movie, all of a sudden I heard a familiar voice. “That sounds like my grandma…” I thought. Sure enough I peak over the shelf and there’s my grandma bartering with the store owner. Over a hundred miles away from home, and I run into my grandmother.
We decided to see “Chronicle” and despite my not being that excited to see it, it turned out to be a pretty decent movie. The best part of it though, or so I thought, was the senior moment we had the priviledge of witnessing. As we waited in line to get our refreshments before the movie, a little old lady came up wondering if the girl behind the counter could fill up her water cup because the “drinking fountain was broken”. The patient girl explained that you just had to use the handles on the side because the front one was broken. On our way to our theater we spotted this sign above the drinking fountain…
Silly little old lady… she forgot how to read hehe We thought it was funny. Anways…
After the movie, our night was filled with an unsuccessful attempt at finding a place to play darts and relaxing with take out dinner at our motel and going to bed.
This morning we slept in until 10:30 which was GLORIOUS and woke up to beautiful weather.
Beautiful view from our balcony

 We were feeling a little adventurous again and decided to try a local favorite for lunch- Big Daddy’s Burgers. It was AMAZING! Urbanspoon reviews do not lie.

After lunch we attempted to find a geocache (and failed), did some yarn shopping which Casey LOVED (can you hear the sarcasm?) and FINALLY found a place to play darts. 
Look at that perfect form…

The rest of our day has been relaxing in our motel room and watching TV on the laptop. Call us lame if you will, we are loving this time to just sit and do nothing. We are so the picture of typical new parents right now. Although this weekend has been great (to say the least), we can’t wait to get home to this cute little face…

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