Winter Bucket List

The hubs and I were watching one of our favorite comedy shows the other night- Parks and Recreation.  In this particular episode April and Andy are bored one day and decide to tackle Andy’s bucket list.  I turned to Casey and said, “We should do that!” and of course his eternally optimistic response was “It wouldn’t work.  The things on my bucket list are, like, sky diving and bungee jumping and stuff.”  Way to play along 😦

So I decided to create my own short term, easy to accomplish, winter bucket list.  I found this one off Pinterest:

but I wasn’t totally down with everything on itt.  So I decided to come up with my own (minus the groovy photoshop action, I have too many other projects in the works to spend too much time on this).  So without further ado and rambling,

My Winter 2011 Bucket List:

Four-wheel in the snow

Go downhill sledding

Go ice skating at “The Pit”

Finally convince the hubby to make a gingerbread house WITH me

Complete at least 1 Christmas project off of my Pinterest

Finish Casey’s Christmas stocking (that I started last year…) & start AND complete Brynn’s Christmas stocking in time for her 1st Christmas

Bake cookies with my mom and sister

Send out holiday cards

Take a tour of the neighborhood Christmas lights

Have a snowball fight

Build a snowman in our front yard


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