Sprout’s Nursery Wall Mural

DISCLAIMER: Sprout is a nickname, not the actual name of the baby.  We’re keeping that a surprise.  Thought I should specify after several people commented on it.  I’m not THAT off the wall. 

I found inspiration after stumbling upon this nursery at a favorite blog of mine Offbeat Mama.  Originally I thought that I wanted to go the vinyl route but they were just far too expensive for the size I was looking for.  A DIY mural was the perfect solution and I had some confidence that I would be able to pull it off.

I found a shade of white that would go best with the current wall color- Polar Bear from Behr.  Who would have thought that there were so many whites to choose from?  After taking advice from others who have attempted the birch tree mural I went with a foam roller and foam brush for my tools.

The first step was to get the basic outline of the tree trunks.  Actually the very first step was to tape but that part was boring.

My next step was to freehand paint the branches.

Then the easy part, adding the details.

…and voila!  I’m pretty happy with the results.  Now I can’t wait until we get the furniture!  Plenty more nursery transformation photos to come…

Join  us Saturdays at tatertotsandjello.com for the weekend wrap   up           party!


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