Peacoats and Plaid is born

Why the title “Peacoats and Plaid” you may ask?  It came to me when I was brainstorming about all of my favorite things.  A few random ideas came to mind: retro, vinyl records, anything with owls on it, the color combination orange and aqua, thrift stores, etc.  Then I noticed a trend, most all of my favorite things had something to do with being vintage.  But the title “Retro Records and Orange Owls” didn’t seem to fit.  So I kept piecing things together.

If you’ve ever seen my clothing rack (yes, I currently don’t have a closet as I’m living in my parents’ basement) you’ll see that about a quarter of it has some sort of plaid pattern on it.  And as far as peacoats go, I just love them 🙂  I own 3, one of which is a vintage kelly green find from a thrift store that I wore to death but don’t have the heart to get rid of.  Hence the name, Peacoats and Plaid.

So why not start off with exactly that?  Not every post will be so literal, but this adorable coat captures the essence and feel I’m aiming for.  Vintage inspiration, dreamy colors, whimsical objects, anything that tickles my fancy (did I also mention that I love 

Alloy Short Hooded Plaid Peacoat

Check back often, and hey why not become a follower while you’re at it?  I’m hoping to post something new daily with such features as “The Etsy Shop of the Week” and fun DIY Tutorials for my fellow frugal friends.  Thanks for reading 🙂


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