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DIY "So Fresh" Bathroom Wall Art + Annie Selke Giveaway

This post was sponsored by Annie Selke as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

I don’t know if you’re like me, the last room(s) of the house that I get the motivation to decorate are usually the bathrooms. We moved into our new house last December, and predictably the first room to get decorated was the living room. Our bedroom followed soon after (still a work in progress, to be totally honest). Finally, I have started to put some of my personal touches on our bathrooms.
The master bathroom we have is T.I.N.Y. but, it does the job. Because of its size I wanted to keep everything in it light and bright. The Annie Selke catalog had plenty of light and bright bathroom accessories to choose from. I actually had a hard time narrowing it down! If you sign up to receive their fall catalog and newsletter at the bottom of this post, you will get a code to receive 15% off your first order!
I ended up finding this sky blue bath rug and fell in love with the color. The size was perfect as well. I took inspiration from the color of the bath rug to find this light and bright shower curtain and these gigantic, soft, new bath towels. When I say gigantic, I mean it. They swallow you whole which is exactly what I want out of a bath towel when it’s a cold Minnesota morning.
To maximize the small size of the bathroom (and lack of storage space) I decided to take down the towel bar that was originally above the toilet. It seemed like an odd place for a towel bar. Who hangs their shower towels above the toilet?
I found a wall mounted cabinet that was perfect for additional storage space. I also found a hand towel ring to replace the towel bar that I installed by the sink. For shower towels, I mounted a hook on the back of the door.
The main bathroom (the one that gets used the most, that happens to have zero windows so I apologize in advance for the poor lighting) was in desperate need of some pizzazz. I found a framed piece of wall art for the bathroom through Pinterest that I loved, but I wanted it to have a bit more impact. So, I blew it up and painted it on the wall.
The original art said, “So fresh and clean”, but it made me think of a song by one of my favorite artists (OutKast). I went with that instead.

I typed it up on my computer using the font Bromello and sketched it out with pencil on the wall. I made many mistakes, but luckily the pencil was easy to erase. Once I was happy with the outline, I proceeded with paint. I used some “oops” paint from Home Depot that was so purple it was almost black that cost about 2 bucks. 

This bathroom is still a “work in progress”. These super comfy and gigantic towels from Annie Selke have helped start to bring it together. I’m in the market for one more piece of wall art for right above the towel bar.

Do you have any suggestions for me as to where to find a great piece of wall art for the bathroom? Let me know in the comments below!

Jealous of my gigantic, soft bath towels and want some of your own? You have the chance to win one of three $500 Annie Selke gift cards below! Giveaway runs October 4th-25h 2016. Enter the giveaway below:

Annie Selke Giveaway https://js.gleam.io/e.js

This diy bathroom decor idea is so unique! Perfect wall art for a fun bathroom!

Thrifted Cozy Candle Sweater Tutorial

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #LoveAmericanHome #cbias #CollectiveBias

This thrift store transformation takes an old sweater and turns it into a cozy candle sweater. Perfect to customize for any holiday decor!

There are so many things that I love about the arrival of fall. It signifies the start of a solid three months of holidays and fun. The weather is warm enough to still enjoy the outdoors but cool enough to wear cute sweaters and hoodies. There’s nothing better than fall colors. And most importantly…

…it’s officially time to burn candles that smell like all of your favorite fall desserts.

I picked up a few American Home™ by Yankee Candle® candles at Walmart, they smelled too amazing to resist. Especially the Homemade Pumpkin Pie 🙂 You know they’re good when you have to keep excusing yourself because you’re bumping into all the other people sniffing and shopping for candles themselves!

I wanted to make my candles a little more cozy and festive. I’ve seen tutorials for knitted candle sleeves before. But why knit a sleeve when you can just use a previously loved sweater instead?

Here’s how you can create a DIY Cozy Candle Sweater with either a thrifted or previously loved sweater for yourself:

You’ll need…

STEP ONE | Slide the sleeve of your thrifted (or previously loved) sweater over the bottom of the jar of the candle. Most candles are large enough that this works perfectly and the candle will fit snugly into the sleeve. I had one smaller candle that I ended up cutting a slit down the side doing a quick whip stitch up the seam to tighten it. It worked just as well 🙂
STEP TWO | Pull the sleeve tight at the end and cut it off leaving plenty of room.

STEP THREE | Turn the sleeve inside out, gather the bottom of the sleeve, and pull it together (making sure that you aren’t pulling the sleeve down off of the jar of the candle). Stick a needle and thread through the center of the bunch a few times and then wrap the thread around the bunch pulling tight. Fasten off.
STEP FOUR | Trim off the excess sweater as close to the sewing you just did as possible. If you leave too much, there will be too much fabric on the bottom of the candle for it to sit level.
Slip the sleeve over the bottom of the jar of the candle and enjoy 😉 If you’re afraid of a candle burning on any of your surfaces, this is a great way to give some extra heat protection. Make sure that you follow user instructions to a tee for American Home™ by Yankee Candle® brand products. This includes: always burning your candle on a heat resistant surface, keeping it out of drafts and NEVER leaving it unattended while lit, and please make sure the candle wicks are cut 1/8 of an inch to ensure the flame isn’t too large
I made three candle sweaters in some pretty autumn colors to fit the three American Home™ by Yankee Candle® candles that I picked up at Walmart. I had a hard time not bringing all of the different fragrances home with me, they all smell so good! The best way to get the biggest, boldest fragrance possible from these candles is to burn it long enough to allow the entire top layer to become a fragrant pool of liquid wax. When only 1/2″ of the wax remains, it’s time to let your candle go.
Swing on by your local Walmart to pick up some candles from the American Home™ by Yankee Candle® line. I bet you won’t buy just one 😉

This thrift store transformation takes an old sweater and turns it into a cozy candle sweater. Perfect to customize for any holiday decor!

I Actually Want to Make This: Fall 2016 Edition

You know you’re “one of those” pinners. Pinning away project after project with no real intentions of attempting most of them.
These are not those projects.
If you read any of my previous “Hey, I actually want to make this.” posts you might notice that I’m pretty picky about what I chose to share. The projects have to be something that piques my interest in a way that motivates me enough to try them. And surprisingly, I do end up trying out a fair share of them.

This is the Fall 2016 Edition of “Hey, I actually want to make this.”

Watercolor Paper Leaf & Branch Mobile via Happiness is Homemade

I’m a big fan of the watercolor look. Combining a favorite painting technique with my favorite season is an automatic home run in my book.
Felt Leaves Autumn Wreath via Mama is Dreaming
This wreath instantly caught my eye because of the gorgeous colors, plus the fact that I think anything made of felt is instantly adorable. The tutorial makes it seem super easy.
DIY Flannel Coasters via View From the Fridge
Who doesn’t love a good, cozy fall flannel? I’ve seen many a flannel at the local thrift store that had a gorgeous color scheme but just didn’t fit right to be worn. A pretty set of DIY flannel coasters for my morning cup of coffee would do just the trick.
Fall Glam Nails via Bad Girl Nails
OK, so this is more of a “I want to DO this” than an “I want to MAKE this”, but have you ever seen cuter fall nail art? I’m not a huge fan of orange, but I’m pretty sure I could use a coral shade of nail polish instead. And find someone willing to paint a tiny leaf on my right hand because I’m not trying to kid anybody. There’s no way I could recreate that leaf on my dominate hand.
Simple to Make Velvet Pumpkin via Lia Griffith
What’s better than a cute little pumpkin? A soft and fuzzy cute little pumpkin. I would have never thought to DIY a pumpkin like this, and that’s exactly why I love Pinterest so. How did I ever live without it? 

Which one should I try out first? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll share how it worked for me on my blog!

How I Increased my Blog Traffic by 203.54% with Pinterest

Pinterest BY FAR drives the biggest amount of traffic to my blog. I’m talking of all social media channels, Pinterest drives 90% of traffic to my blog consistently and makes up 40% of all referrals period. I was pretty happy with my Pinterest stats but I had a hunch that I was missing out on taking advantage of all the power that Pinterest had to offer for my blog. 
In walks a little course called Pinning Perfect. I had no idea how much traffic I was really missing out on.

NOTE: This post contains affiliate links. By clicking these links, I may make a small commission from items you purchase. Know that I only link to or recommend products that I believe in. Thank you for helping support Bre Pea!
I have been a big fan of Melissa’s ever since taking her Content Brew course when I was on the verge of quitting my blog. When I heard that she had a Pinterest course, I was completely on board. 
In the 4 days after I implemented the techniques I learned through Pinning Perfect, I increased the amount of clicks to my blog by 72.83% and over the course of the month the clicks to my blog increased by 203.54%! The numbers don’t lie, this stuff works.

You could be getting so much more out of Pinterest than you are now. And newsflash, Pinterest is not about followers anymore. If the course you’re looking at talks about growing your Pinterest following, back away slowly. 
Who needs Pinning Perfect?
This course is for bloggers of any niche that want to turbo-power the amount of traffic coming from Pinterest. 
Whether you’re a beginner just getting your blog Pinterest account set up or an experienced pinner looking to take their blog traffic to the next level (which is who I was) you can learn so much from this course.
Why Pinning Perfect is better than all those other “miracle” Pinterest courses:
One of the best benefits (in my opinion) is that the course is yours FOREVER, including updates. In fact, I recently reviewed the updates since I last took the course and learned even more tips for writing more effective pin descriptions!
The course is JAM PACKED with so much information, such as:
– How you can make Pinterest’s new Smart Feed work in your favor
– Why followers don’t matter (this one was a big a-ha moment for me)
– The two boards every blogger MUST have
– Unique ways to drive followers to your Pinterest boards from your blog posts
– A step-by-step process for pinning your posts (including one trick to pin your posts more frequently without annoying your followers)
– A pinning strategy cheat sheet that works! (HINT—don’t pin randomly!)
… and much, much more!
You also get access to the private FB group just for Pinning Perfect students with monthly Q&A “office hours” through Facebook Live. 
Pinning Perfect is just $149, well worth the investment for 8 units, 46 lessons, 30+ in-depth videos, and multiple worksheets! Plus, if for any reason you aren’t completely blown away by the wealth of knowledge you now possess from this amazing course (which I know you’ll be!) the course comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.
Take my word for it, you will not be disappointed with Pinning Perfect. No matter how experienced you are with Pinterest, you WILL learn many (and I’m talking MANY) tips that you can immediately put to work to help grow your blog traffic through Pinterest. 
Learn all of the tips and tricks for your blog to make Pinterest work better for you!

DIY 3-Tiered Hanging Indoor Planter [TUTORIAL]

I have a problem. I am a succulent hoarder. I can’t resist picking up fallen leaves when we’re at Home Depot.
I have succulents coming out of my ears. When my succulents get “leggy” and need to be re-potted, I just can’t bear the thought of throwing the extra leaves away knowing that I’m potentially killing a new plant.
Because of this I’m running out of room on my windowsill. Vertical is the way to go when you’re pressed for space. For anything, really. 
I began the hunt for the perfect hanging planter. I knew I wanted it to be 3 tiered, I knew I wanted it to be white. I just liked the way it looked. The trouble was, I couldn’t find anything like that online or in stores with a price that I was comfortable with. 
So I made my own. And it was pretty darn easy. Here’s how you can save yourself some big bucks and make one (or two, or three!) yourself.

You’ll need…

  • 3 white resin pots (resin is light, ceramic is too heavy)
  • Twine
  • Potting soil
  • Electric drill with drill bits
  • Optional: rocks for decoration

STEP ONE | Eyeball and mark two dots by the top of your pot per “side” for a total of four dots. I didn’t measure, I just trusted my eye. It’s usually pretty dead on. My pot was slightly squared, so I just eyeballed how far away each dot was from the edges.
STEP TWO | Drill two holes on each side of the pot, four holes total in each pot. I (again, using my eye) picked a drill bit that was approximately the same width as my twine.
STEP THREE | String a long piece of twine (mine was about three yards long) through each hole and tie a double knot on the outside of the pot. Make sure the longer end of the twine is sticking out of the pot.
STEP FOUR | Repeat the process through the next two pots with the same pieces of twine. Make sure the length you leave between pots is the same or the pots will hang crooked. Once you get to the top, tie all of the pieces of twine together and double knot again.

STEP FIVE | This is a trick I learned this year with my outdoor planters. Put a plastic water bottle in the bottom of the pot to save dirt and keep the pots light. 
STEP SIX | Because I am potting succulents who can’t sit in moist soil, I filled my pots with fast-draining potting soil. This is very important when working with plants like succulents and cacti so that they don’t drown in the soil.
STEP SEVEN | Fill your pots with your plant of choice. Hang it and enjoy!
This DIY hanging planter tutorial is so quick and easy! Plus, it's so much cheaper than other 3-tiered planters.
I thought I would use the white rocks for decoration, but I didn’t. I had too many succulents to fit into each planter. So far these babies have been loving their new home full of good sunlight 🙂

If you’ve got plants coming out of your ears like me but not a lot of space with good sunlight, this DIY hanging planter is the perfect project for you! 

This DIY hanging planter tutorial is so quick and easy! Plus, it's so much cheaper than other 3-tiered planters.

August 2016 Traffic and Income Report

This is going to sound kind of narcissistic, but I love my blog for so many reasons. It motivates me to document life’s little moments with our family that might otherwise go forgotten. It helps me exercise my crafty/creative muscle. It has taught me SO MUCH about taking good photos, how to master Photoshop, and the powers of social media that I’ve applied to help grow our family’s dance studio.

Not just all that, I’m lucky enough to make a few bucks off Bre Pea. Some months more than others, that’s for sure. And the income, as I’ve come to realize, is almost directly related to the degree of hustle that I have applied.

I want to start tracking my traffic and income to help keep me motivated to grow Bre Pea in the right directions. I don’t want it to just “fizzle out”. I also want to track my stats because I think it’s important to be completely transparent with my readers. 

How I made money last month as a DIY and crafty blogger.

August 2016 Traffic (according to Google Analytics):

Total Page Views 22,787
Total Unique Visits (Users) 18,343
Pages/Session 1.19
Page Views from Pinterest 9,735
Page Views from Facebook 117
Page Views from Instagram 18
Page Views from SoFab FB Campaign 5,721
August 2016 Income:

Influence Central $150
Clever Girls $200
Mom Network Ads (formerly Rivit) $.67
Collective Bias $45
Subtotal Income- $395.67
August 2016 Expenses:
GoDaddy Bookkeeping $9.99
Filmora (new video editing software) $29.99
Fizzle $34
Subtotal Expenses- $74.98

August 2016 Total Income Minus Expenses: $320.69
What I Learned: 

First of all, scoring Facebook ad campaigns with SoFab is an AMAZING traffic driver. I’m going to continue to deliver awesome sponsored content in the hopes that I score at least one ad campaign a month.

Second of all, I obviously have no idea how ad placement works. I made a whopping 67 cents off my ads with almost 23,000 page views. That doesn’t seem right. Help?

August was a lean month as far as income goes. Though I didn’t do a report on the month before, I can say that I earned almost three times as much in July than I did in August. It’s not a totally accurate representation of the amount of work I did because a lot of my income comes from sponsored posts, and most companies don’t pay until 30-60 days after you finish a campaign.

That’s why my future goals are to diversify my income so I’m not relying on snagging good sponsored post campaigns. I still want to do relatively the same amount of sponsored posts (I work extra hard to make them awesome and relative to my niche, plus I always turn down ones that don’t vibe with my standards) but it’s never smart to put all of your eggs in one basket.

I also have a few goals that I want to track to help grow my traffic and other engagement…

Goals for September 2016:
-Increase my Pinterest followers by 100+

-Increase engagement on my blog through comments

-Brainstorm a list of potential product ideas

-Increase monthly pageviews to 25,000+

-Increase Instagram blog page views to 50+

I’ll be posting my progress on these goals with next month’s traffic report… 

How I made money last month as a DIY and crafty blogger.